Our Retailers

All of our healthy treats and holistic pet supplements are available at The Farm House Market, 7601 Middle Side Road, Amherstburg, Ontario

Want healthy treats or holistic pet supplements for your pets with no additives, preservatives or fillers? Check out the following places who carry our 4Paws 1Pup products:

The Hungry Pooch - Windsor and Lakeshore locations

Tail Blazers - Barrie, Ontario

Evergreen Academy - Lowbanks, Ontario

The Fox Hollow Pet Boutique - Warkworth, Ontario

Unleased Creations - Hannon, Ontario

Thrive 4 Life - Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario

JuicyPet - Richmond, British Columbia

Nutrition World - Chattanooga, Tennessee

Everything Dogs Official - Miramar, Florida

Heart Strings LLC - Bowling Green, Kentucky

Paws N Play - Sacramento, California

Check this page often for new locations!