Bee Pollen Powder


Bee Pollen is ideal for your beloved pet if they frequently suffer from fatigue and sluggishness. Bee pollen will rejuvenate their body with its rich sources of protein, enzymes, vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, co-enzymes, and minerals. Bee pollen provides a refreshing energy boost to your pet and additionally can soothe in the unpleasant symptoms associated with seasonal allergies and hay fever.


100% Pure Local Bee Pollen Powder

Suggested use

Dosage (once/day):

0-24 lb 1/8 tsp

25-50lb 1/4 tsp

51-70lb 1/2 tsp

71-90lb 2/3 tsp

91-110lb 3/4 tsp

Over 111lb 1 tsp

How to Use: As needed, Sprinkle on food